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Recovery and Emotional Healing are keys to first responders, Military and veterans mental wellbeing

Recovery and Emotional Healing are Overlooked aspects

At eMOTy we understand the importance of emotional health and recovery and the unique challenges first responders, Military and veterans face. We are committed to supporting the prevention, monitoring and treatment of mental health and substance abuse difficulties, helping you track your progress, access resources, and connect with peers and support systems.

For those who safeguard our lives – police officers, firefighters, military personnel, veterans, emergency dispatchers, and EMTs  Amidst facing chaos and tragedy daily, acknowledging the toll it takes is essential.

Maintaining your emotional well-being is essential to effectively support others, your physical and psychological needs deserve the spotlight.

Neglecting self-care puts First Responders and Veterans at increased risk of depression, trauma and suicide.

Barriers to receiving
treatment or seeking help



Lapse of time

Fear of Retribution

Anonymous, backed by professionals, First Responder and Veteran focused

No personal data collected

Anonymous ID

Peers and professionals

No digital trace


eMOTy Tools





Helpful tools for recovery. Track your habits, moods & triggers
Guided recovery sessions with music & relaxing sounds for decompression.
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Find a wide range of support systems and chat with licensed recovery professionals, to help you cope, no matter where you are in the battle.
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Anonymously connect with others who know how you fell, share experiences and lean on for support.
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Take the first step  to Recovery and Emotional Healing 

by downloading eMOTy now.

Make recovery and emotional self-care your top priority


I love the app because it let's me do it all in confidence

- Meg

At first I was skeptical, but the reminders I get daily to track my habits has been really informative & eye opening!

- Carlos

I didn't used to think I had a problem, but after the feedback I've had from the app, it has been enlightening.

- Amari

It has been a good complement together with my therapy.

- Joseph

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